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Authentic. Creative. Original.

How I went from confused, overwhelmed, and overworked to helping business owners and professionals around the country understand and grow their businesses & careers.

Before the success client stories, before having over 100,000 people listening to the business, tax, and career tips on social media there was the "I will take any job even if it was at a loss" young lady in me. 

I was tired.

I was undervalued.

And I knew it was time for a change!

What Did It Take?

Formulating the perfect business for myself has been no easy task! Entrepreneurship requires a lot of knowledge.

I have helped keep corporation running smoothly, worked directly with CEOs, CFOs, and more but it did not fully prepare me for what it would take to become my own boss.

When I turned in my resignation letter I left with my 2 weeks of payment and faith. 

Did I have a huge savings to start my business?


Did I know everything I needed to in order to have a high functioning, seamless business?


What did I have?

My WHY!!!

I knew my family deserved a different life.

I HAD to figured out how to work smarter, not harder! I learned and executed the necessary steps to grow my business the RIGHT way, focusing on  CLIENT CENTRICITY  around all functions.

I shifted my business from doing business solutions to teaching business owners how to successfully learn and implement the essential tools needed for a unique profitable business.

Now it's time to help you get that clarity, strong foundation, and profit in your business.

Because You Deserve This.

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Starting a business can require a lot of work, time and money. Follow this guide to start your business plan off on the right foot.

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It's perfectly legal to use all available means within the tax code to reduce your tax liabilities.

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Funding is imperative for a business to get off the ground. It will allow your business to grow and move in the right direction.