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Hi, I'm Irene.

I teach entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and educators the Fundamentals of Professional and Business Development. I provide the tools to build a profitable business and brand with longevity. Proven simplistic actionable moves for 5-star client service, tax and marketing strategies to grow your business or career the RIGHT way.


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners



It's time to take your business to the next level and run the show. Whether you want to limit your personal liabilities, avoid double-taxation, or build business credit an LLC will help you grow and scale your business.



The goal is simple. Turning your ideas into reality. Getting there takes work. We'll help you navigate the challenges, keep you on the right track, and open your mind to new habits and ideas. 



Are you ready to get funding for your business? Grants! Grants! and more Grants! Samples, Templates, and Grant Writers.

Professional & Career

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Show Them Why

Land the job you've always wanted, get that promotion you deserve, or transition into a new career field that fits who YOU are today!

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Improve Your Confidence

Preparation is key to landing the job you were meant for. Be in control of being picked as the perfect candidate!

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From Start to Finish

Get ahead of the hiring curve and learn all the secrets to planning, executing, and securing the job you want.

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Solutions Made For You


Known for her successful career and business solutions and raving clients, Irene and her company, Achievet Business Solutions, are now helping thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals learn skills needed to build confidence and grow!

Irene's approach and belief in individuals and their uniqueness, inspires words by those who work with her to say," You make me believe I really can do this". Her guidance gives a true sense of purpose and elevates self-doubt and the lack of understanding. Excitement, clarity, and authenticity abound, as entrepreneurs and professionals glow and grow closer to the life they are meant to have!

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Our Testimonials Do the Talking

Angel Lee

Owner of Nonprofit Beautiful Human Hair Founder and Chief Editor of Bakersfield Black Magazine, Women's Magazine, and Youth Magazine 

We have worked hand in hand with them to assist us with the financial structure and marketing of a few businesses. They have not failed us, they return calls, and answer emails on time, making them a reliable partner to us. Achievet Business Solutions brought along good expertise that involved targeting the right clientele through use of electronic media. The feedback and results were phenomenal. We have had a great experience working with them, very professional and one of the most welcoming offices we have been to. We highly recommend them!

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